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Tips for success in SEO- Follow to be the best

Are you a beginner? Are you initiating new business with a new website? Are you facing disappointment by existing website due to less SEO knowledge? You are at the right place. A website should be on the radar of Google but if your website is away from its radar then follow the below mentioned tips and get yourself, under the eye of google. Do not get confused, if I am using the google here then it does not comply that one has to go with Google only. Any popular search engine you can use. My tips will help you to make your website at the top of the search engine.

My tips do not include any cheating method or any formula, which lead your website to the top of the page. My tips do not give any guarantee but they can be really helpful for you. My tips have helped me a lot and that is why I want to share the tips with you. So let us start with the tips and ponder on the tips for benefits.

Keyword research

The inclusion of keywords helps a lot in the best SEO practice. Always try to follow the rules for the inclusion of keywords. The keywords should be included in the title of the article, blog or if it is not apt to add the keyword in the title then add it in the first paragraph of the content. Sometimes, the first paragraph cannot include the keywords, so try to add in the second paragraph. Have you ever seen the fish without water? The content without the keywords is similar to the fish without water. Along with keywords, try to add the terms, which are related to the keywords and use such terms again and again in the content. But the repetitions should not be more than 5-6 times in the whole content. Google is very honest and provides the honest results to the users, so do not make the fool of yourself by adding the keywords again and again and this will not help you anymore.

User anchor texts properly- I am telling you this because of my own experience. I made this mistake of improperly using the anchor texts. In most of the content, it is seen that “Click here, for more information” and I personally noticed that it does not work. So instead of using this way, it is good to use, “Visit my website, for more information”. You can add a name of your website in the place of my website. Most of the links are followed by the search engines due to this trick. Here does not work at all. You can add the links like https://www.click.co.uk/directly as well

Sufficient word count- I used to write the content of more than 1000 words. But it does not work for me. So it advised putting the content not less than 300 words and not more than 800 words. Do write the hearty articles and add valid information.

Apart from these, try to change the content from time to time, tracking your website regularly are also the best tips for best SEO practice.

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