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Mobile digital marketing and how to use it to your advantage

Did you know that a staggering 70% percent of all Americans own at least one smartphone? Phones have become an absolute necessity in today’s digital-driven society. We use them for everything. From chatting on Facebook and scrolling on social media, to browsing used car websites and even performing a reverse phone lookup. What’s more interesting, over 70% of all mobile searches will prompt an action by that same user in less than an hour.

Mobile phones truly have revolutionized the business industry. Forget about laptops and PCs, because most of the profit nowadays lies in the mobile industry. Advertisers have caught on this trend and mobile marketing is one of the biggest targeted marketing campaigns you can aim for as a business.

  1. Mobile-friendly website

If you want to have any chance of outperforming your competitors, you have to have a website that’s mobile-friendly. Mobile e-commerce is on the rise and it is expected to become the main form of e-commerce in the next few years. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to optimize your site for a mobile phone. WordPress is a great cost-effective tool for that, and it even comes with some amazing free themes.

  1. Mobile-friendly content

Having a website that’s mobile-friendly is just the beginning. You also need content which will suit that same website for mobile users on the go. A mobile phone will inevitably have less screen real estate compared to a laptop or a PC, so it’s vital that you think of think of this ahead, before you even start writing your content.

  1. Get their attention

You can do this in a couple of different ways. One being, perhaps the most obvious, SEO. Optimize your content for search engines so that it gets picked up in the first couple of search pages. Things like keywords, image captions and titles all attribute to how your article competes online. Don’t forget to have good content though. A real person wants to read your article so it should be useful and readable, not just keyword-stuffed full to impress search engines. In the end, search engines don’t drive profit, people do.

  1. Promote your brand

Run as many mobile ads as you can. Get your brand out there and promote yourself. Studies show that tablets and phones have a higher CTR compared to laptops and desktop PCs. The reason is quite obvious. Phones don’t have ad-blockers and the smaller screens means users are much more likely to press that ad. Plus, when it fills up your entire screen you’re going to notice the ad whether you like it or not.


It’s all about how well you can promote yourself and your brand. If you can offer a mobile-friendly website and couple it with good content, you just might be onto a winner.

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