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Mentors for Career Women

Women sometimes get stuck in the same job for years. They see the men around them being promoted and wonder when their turn will come. It is not sexism why this happens. It is usually because men have more self-interest and will push themselves to the forefront of the employer’s notice. This has created an unfair disproportionate amount of men in the highest-ranking jobs, and it is where mentors for career women can make a difference.

Don’t Doubt Yourself

Menttium mentoring is a good place to start if you are having feelings of doubt about continuing your career. Having a mentor to talk to about your worries and to help you decide what your aims are can be invaluable at a time when you have mixed feelings about whether to continue with your career or not.

There are not enough women in corporate roles and research shows that this is because generally, they will only apply for a position if they have 100% of the skills required. That does not mean they would not be very good at the job, and mentors can inspire the confidence they need to apply for an executive position. Men take more risks and are likely to apply for a top job even if they only have 60% of the skills asked for.

Removing Gender Related Obstacles In One Step

Gender related obstacles can be removed in one step – confidence is the answer. If a woman attends an interview for a high ranking job and can show she has the confidence to fulfill that role, she will have as much chance as any man of being hired. The same goes for promotions within the company they are working for. Showing even a slight doubt of their abilities will sow a seed of doubt in the mind of the prospective employer and make being the successful applicant less likely.

Group Mentoring

Some women come across mentoring as part of a group program arranged by their employers or someone else they know. This suits some women better as they prefer the group atmosphere. It also helps to have ideas from other members of the group and to see the different reactions to the mentor’s comments.

From the very first meeting, group members will start to flourish as they research and present different topics together. Usually presented to the rest of the group by a team of 2 or 3 mentees, the work they have done will give them opinions from other women in the same situation as them, as well as from the mentors. Good vibes from the other group members can give a huge boost to their confidence, and as time passes and these types of things are repeated, so they will become even less stressed about them and find them really enjoyable.

These may only be exercises, but the confidence in their abilities will transfer to all other areas of their life, including the workplace.

Mentors for career women are something that was sadly lacking for many years, but now they are here to empower women to take on the top jobs that have traditionally been filled by men.

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