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How to Sell Band Merch Online

In addition to a wide range of social media and music marketing options, musicians nowadays can also take advantage of several merch store options (often known as “band merch”) to help develop their brand. In order to assist pay for upcoming recordings, performances, and promotions, band merchandise can be a terrific method to generate supplemental and residual money. Your band may want to think about opening a merch store because band merch has the potential to provide large streams of income. In today’s dynamic yet complex music market, the synergistic combination of generating sales revenue AND viral merch marketing is an enticing strategy.

Now you may feel apprehensive about starting to offer t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, and other knick knacks. Who wouldn’t, especially when cash is king and money is hard to come by. You may build up your online store in as little as an hour with one of the many online merch stores. Just keep in mind that when devoted fans sport your band’s merchandise, it will “posterize” your brand and foster viral momentum. What you spend $5 on will not only bring in $10 when you sell it, but it will also become a walking, talking marketing machine that travels the entire world! For tips on how to sell band merch online, keep reading.

Your Store

You can sell your products directly from your website if you have one. You are able to keep all of the profits from using this strategy, which also gives you the flexibility to handle shipping and payment processing however you see fit. If you don’t have any prior e-commerce website development knowledge, it could be very difficult to execute it on your own. You should still give this some serious thought.

Keep it Simple

It’s crucial that the page is clear, attractive, and simple to use when selling band merchandise online. If it’s too disorganized, visitors may leave the page without making a purchase. Ideally, you should keep your merchandise selection straightforward so that customers can quickly perceive what you have to offer. However, if you’re adamant about offering a large range of goods, you can organize it by making distinct tabs or sub-pages for each category. Every purchase you make through your website is commission-free, including those for merchandise, tickets, crowdsourcing projects, and fan subscriptions.

Describe Items

Make sure each product in your store has a succinct, compelling description and at least one or two stunning photos. Give them a clear way to contact you if they have any queries or problems with their order. It would be appropriate to include an email address, an embedded contact form, or a link to your “contact” page.


Don’t forget to advertise your music and merchandise using your website, blog, email list, and social media. A wonderful way to connect with and maintain the interest of your audience is to regularly add new goods or replace existing items with special ones. It can take some time to organize your merchandise plans, but the time spent will be well worth it. Try out different products and track your sales; you might discover a lucrative source of income that might make a world of difference in your musical career.


There are websites that give you the option to sell electronic products in addition to your physical things. Only a little portion of the sale, between 10% and 15%, will be retained by them. If you are selling products at a very low price, this could be an issue because it will reduce your revenues.

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