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CouchTuner – For Business People


The number of people using streaming services has risen like anything in the past decade! The effect is so immense that most of us no longer think of DVDs and Blu-Rays. It makes sense to go online streaming, especially when movies hit the OTT platform before DVD releases. And better when it comes to TV streaming, where the audience doesn’t want to wait. However, despite the rising growth we listed, many people still cannot afford premium streaming services. Fortunately, choices such as Couchtuner were a blessing. Couchtuner is a popular online TV platform for streaming online TV shows, making TV shows one of the most successful. Couchtuner is an ideal, fully free, online TV show site. The regular dosage of all favorite television shows leaves us continually motivated and curious about the events today. TVs are intelligent enough as an online media streaming device with a full range of features. And for those who are big screens fan, this is a beautiful thing.

CouchTuner is a pirated TV streaming platform for viewers to view online series. For more than a decade, it has allowed content streaming. It has been under several subdomains like .com, .ag and.fr during all its online operations. These types of websites first concentrate on streaming almost all TV shows as much as possible. Because their content does not require payment, many followers use CouchTuner as their main means of watching TV. Every day, the website provides high-quality regular TV shows with new events updated daily. 


Also, there are some films in various genres in the films section. In total, CouchTuner focuses on TV shows and streaming films without costs for viewers. The website is very popular among internet users looking for a regular dose of their choice television shows, first seen a decade ago and since then; a lot of popularity has been gained. The real Couchtuner became so popular that there are now several clones and fake websites. The viewer can find nearly every famous TV show with complete episodes throughout the year. In certain cases, the content of Couchtuner may also be better than the conventional TV link. The official Couchtuner.com website never offered films, however, most of the so-called micro and proxy sites offer movies and TV shows.

How does CouchTuner work?

As viewers are now aware that the website is one of the most popular pirated websites for streaming their favorite films online, they are sure to be aware of the workings and activities of the Couchtuner website. The Couchtuner method is easy to understand and very quick. No entertainment content available on the website is included in this website. Thus, users are directed to websites where pirated films and TV shows are illegally viewed via the links on the Couchtuner website. The Website uses its users to click on the hyperlinks to increase the number of clicks to promote the new content release. Also, due to continuity in changing the domain names, the website is not obstructed by government regulations. The website is accessible via various proxy links.

CouchTuner Shut Down

Since CouchTuner provides movies and TV shows free of charge, the original owners have the freedom to file an action on copyright. Therefore, CouchTuner can be blocked by its ISP, transferred to a different domain or completely shut down from the internet because the content rules have been violated. Counchtuner.com official site does not function anymore. Websites with proxy and mirror are running, which change their domain now and then. Technically, no official Couchtuner website remains to be accessed. However, before the site was shut down, there were no legal copyright licenses. It only hosted the media material on other websites, which prohibited users from uploading films and TV series from the site directly. CouchTuner interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, unlike some other streaming pages.

What happened to CouchTuner?

CouchTuner contained illegal downloading copyrighted materials. The platform’s popularity gained a lot of the industry’s attention. As a result, it was subjected to several copyright owners’ legal charges.

CouchTuner safe to access or not

The primary focus is digital safety for viewers. Since CouchTuner has unchecked pirated media and an unlimited number of links to the release of any malware or digital crime. There are no sign-up conditions and videos do not run on the media player, which means viewers are led to download malware surprisingly. The platform has its limitations in terms of its legality and protection as a content user for viewers. The platform has its limitations in terms of its legality and protection as a content user for viewers.

Thanks to all of Couchtuner’s functionality and easy interfaces, visitors are growing steadily each month. The Website itself appears to be pirated and does not upload content to its Web servers. The platform claims not to be liable for any breach should also be noted. Everyone who visits the website is thus at their own risk for accessing various entertainment content.

Does CouchTuner have safe alternatives?

Several CouchTuner alternatives encourage viewers to start streaming all of their preferred movies and TV shows. It may be difficult to find other trustworthy outlets, largely because websites providing free access to movies are in some way illegal and dangerous. The easiest thing to do is to stick to well known and reliable websites for streaming, such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Watching online content has now become accessible and much sooner. When people try the above alternatives, people will never feel bored. They work mainly up and up. It is also nice that most do not charge any money for streaming content. Because of its service, Couchtuner is popular. However, in most countries, where copyright law is strict, it does not operate again due to certain problems. Nobody disputes the fact that they’re costing money that most people don’t like. It is not easy for some people to pay extra money while they receive excellent service. Most free Couchtuner alternative comes with annoying ads and the total experience of users as paid services isn’t good. 

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