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Which Car Safety Features Are the Most Effective & Beneficial?

Vehicle manufacturers are adding more and more new features to each release, making each one more impressive than the last. If you’re in the market for a new car, it may be difficult to determine which new tech features are must-haves.

            Whether they aim to improve safety or convenience, new car tech features make the driving experience infinitely better. Here’s a list of some of the most effective and useful ones on the market.

Adaptive Cruise Control

            If you deal with a long and tedious daily commute, you may use cruise control frequently to keep a consistent speed and make the drive a bit easier. In newer car models, adaptive cruise control takes this feature to the next level. With this improvement, your vehicle can sense other vehicles in front of you and automatically maintain a safe distance.

            This feature works in tandem with automatic braking systems to prevent collisions and stay within the flow of traffic. If you’re looking for a luxury experience, this feature makes your car feel almost like it’s driving itself.

Lane-Keeping System

            Lane-keeping is another futuristic feature that assists drivers and helps keep the roads safe. With this system in place, your vehicle will sense its position within a lane and automatically adjust its steering to stay centered. If a driver is distracted or unable to turn the wheel to accommodate curves, this feature will help out by correcting their path and keeping them away from oncoming cars.

            Additionally, most lane-keeping systems include lane departure warnings that will alert you if your vehicle passes over the borders of your lane. While it is ideal for every driver to pay full attention to the road as they drive, these features can prevent a lot of accidents and help compensate for momentary distractions.

Forward Collision Warning

            Another great accident prevention feature is forward collision warning. Newer vehicles are equipped with cameras and sensors that can alert drivers when other vehicles or obstacles are in their path. By preventing crashes and car damage, features like this can improve your driving record and help you lower your car insurance rates in the future when shopping for auto policies.

Blind Spot Detection

In addition to forward-collision warnings, many new vehicles also have blind spot detection features that can alert drivers when people, cars, or other objects are close to their vehicles but out of their line of sight. If you live in a busy city or drive on the interstate often, these sensors and alerts can help you maneuver through tight spaces easily and avoid accidents as you switch lanes.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

            While many new tech features focus on accident prevention and convenience, there are new ways to automate and monitor your vehicle maintenance as well. Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are among the most useful. As you drive, your TPMS will regularly measure your tire pressure and provide convenient readings on your display. If your tire pressure is critically low, your system will alert you.

Compared to traditional methods, a TPMS will help you address your tire pressure problems in a timely manner to prevent further issues. While many new vehicles come equipped with these systems, you can even purchase a separate sensor and install it in your existing vehicle.

            Whether you’re in the market for a vehicle or you’re simply researching new car tech, it’s wise to study up the best and most useful features on the market. New vehicles are outfitted with numerous cameras, sensors, and impressive automation features to make your driving experience smoother and improve ease of use.

When you’re ready to check out new car models, make sure to look out for these essential features. As more buyers opt for safer vehicles with better supporting features, distracted driving issues and preventable accidents will decrease dramatically and make the roads safer for everyone!

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