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8 Expert Web Design Ideas to Building An Excellent Pest Control Site

The choices a pest control specialist makes when considering the design of their website can mean all the difference when competing for business against other companies in the same area. If the specialist also sells products, then their website’s design is even more critical to their success since they’re also competing against non-local businesses that can ship products long distance. Before updating an existing site or building a new one, consider the following ideas that expert web designers use to craft the best pest control websites:

User-Friendly Interface

Pest control specialists who know little about site design often choose complicated or distracting page elements that cause site visitors to feel frustration. For example, they use too many navigation menus, throw around industry terms without enough context and fill white spaces with advertisements and call-to-action statements. Those specialists with more experience, take the time to learn how to make every page more appealing and easy to use. They draw attention to the purpose of each page in as clear a way as possible and only display promotional and sales elements in areas where they can make the highest impact. For example, they take a minimalist theme approach to site navigation. They primarily use simple, understandable language and supplement any jargon with embedded links or pop-ups that provide definitions for unfamiliar words and concepts. And since a pest control website in its entirety isn’t a billboard, they primarily use menu and embedded text links to products and services rather than a lot of flashy ads. They also place CTA statements at the end of page content or in page headers and footers.

Expert Pages

One of the best ways for a pest management technician to use a website to attract potential customers and retain their interest is by featuring quality content that shows off their expertise. Expert pages do more than focus on details about specific pests and the methods a company can use for pest prevention and extermination: They also provide visitors with extras that offer value. For example, they might provide detailed histories about the origins of pests in specific regions, strange or weird pest facts, tips and tricks for some do-it-yourself pest control and interesting details or news about the business and industry. Each expert page also displays large, high-quality images that show close-ups of specific pests, tell-tale signs of pests on, in and around homes and businesses or scenes of actual company technicians working in the field. Many web design firms provide expert page content and related SEO management and update services.

Interactive Components

Expertise alone isn’t enough to be competitive. Consumers want perks, especially convenient interactive tools. An excellent pest management website has an interactive map that shows the location of the company’s main office or retail store, if applicable, and a Q&A tool that allows visitors find answers to common questions. Another necessary interactive feature is online chat. Although a company’s website usually contains phone, fax, email, and web submission form contact options, a chat contact system gives every visitor the ability to ask a question, resolve a problem or schedule an appointment faster. A chat system might involve a traditional live customer service agent or a combination of basic support via an interactive AI customer service bot and complex support via a live agent.

Strong Videos

No website is complete without a wide range of video content. With great best website design company, a pest control company offers visitors the opportunity to view embedded videos and click embedded text links to discover videos on other pages or a video platform where the company has its own account. Quality sites display embedded live action and animated videos where they naturally enhance or complement written content. The videos offer variety to appeal to different visitor needs. For example, a company might place a welcome video message at the top of the home or About Us page, a call-to-action video in the home page footer, descriptive videos on service pages or informational pest background or other related videos on blog pages.

Customer Feedback

Reviews and testimonials reinforce the belief that a pest control company employees professionals who get the job done. Feedback elements usually include a feedback submission page and promotional content like a positive testimonials page, customer video statements and e-newsletter interviews. An excellent site might also display an interactive photo system that flips through images of written testimonials and photos of happy customers. Some companies hire a web design firm to also provide feedback management services. They handle sorting through and responding to feedback, updating promotional content regularly and polling loyal customers. The firm might even offer off-site services, such as monitoring search engine results and responding to positive feedback and complaints on third-party review and other sites.

Link Management

A linking strategy to attract visitors is critical for increasing site traffic and leads. In website design, link management helps in both of these areas. A great pest control site features links to supplemental information that visitors might consider valuable on other pages on the same site and third-party sites. Link management also involves a company or design firm making certain that the business URL and a citation that features the business name, address and phone number appear on a lot of other websites, including industry sites, social media platforms, business list directories, and third-party partner sites. Businesses also use social media buttons and sharing options on their website to link out to their social media pages. Promotion via these methods, especially with linking to and from social media platforms, can actually help a business gain more traffic and leads than traditional face-to-face and other offline methods.

Mobile Tools

Since consumers often use mobile devices when searching for solutions to their pest problems online, a pest control website can’t have a degraded or unprofessional appearance. A wise pest management company owner makes certain to hire a web design firm that can create a seamless experience and offer both desktop and mobile browser- and app-based site access options. The app features user-friendly navigation tools and guaranteed compatibility with different mobile operating systems. It handles system resources well and doesn’t take up a lot of a device’s memory when in use. Mobile access tools also include seamless integration with shopping cart and checkout systems. Whether via the website or app, customers have the ability to make product purchases and even pay toward outstanding bills and schedule repeat service payments.

Self-Service System

Lastly, a pest controller improves their chance of success by giving customers the ability to manage their accounts online. The website offers a secure login option in a prominent, easy-to-find spot on the home page. With a self-service account system, customers can update their contact details, order products, and services, view past and current purchases and service selections, schedule appointments and print or download hard copy invoices. Loyal customers receive access to a discount page where they can find deals on products and services. The page might feature printable coupons, clickable buttons that automatically update a shopping cart or codes that a customer can input during checkout. As with the entire website, these features aren’t difficult to navigate or use. Instead, they represent part of a whole high-quality customer service package.

These are just a handful of web design solutions that can make a pest control site stand out and help build a company’s brand and reputation. For more great expert ideas, talk to the knowledgeable professionals at a web design firm that specializes in pest control site design today.

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